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Online Patent — User Agreement

I hereby give my consent to Online Patent Limited Liability Company (hereinafter — Online Patent) to process all my personal data indicated in any form posted on the Online Patent Site by any means, including third parties, including reproduction, electronic copying, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, as well as the above mentioned processing of my other personal data obtained as a result of their processing, for the following purposes:

1) To identify me as a User while using the Online Patent Site, performing agreements/contracts with Online Patent.

2) To provide personalized services to me as a User and execute agreements/contracts.

3) To Communicate with me as a User, including sending notices, requests and information regarding the use of the Online Patent Site, performance of agreements/contracts, and processing my requests/applications.

4) To improve the quality of the Online Patent Site, its usability, and develop new functionality for the Online Patent Site.

5) To target promotional materials and, in particular, send me information about new products and services of Online Patent and/or its counterparties.

6) To conduct statistical and other studies based on impersonal data.

I hereby give my consent to the Online Patent’s counterparties to process all my personal data available/accessible to Online Patent and/or its counterparties, including via the Internet. This consent is given for 15 years, and in case of revocation, the processing of my personal data shall be terminated by Online Patent and/or third parties and the data shall be destroyed subject to termination of the contract(s), if any, between me and the Online Patent service, and full payment of the contractual debt within 1 (one) year from the date of termination.

I hereby give my consent to receive advertisements, mailings, including via mobile phone network, from Online Patent, its partners and affiliates.

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