Domain names and trademarks in the Russian Internet

Russia owns one
of the world’s largest

national domain zones

8 place
in the world
6,3 million domain names
+5,83% average annual growth
.RU zone
.РФ zone

Who is the holder of these domain names and their matching trademarks?

Domain without protection

only 1,2% of all registered domains are protected as trademarks

Among 1,2% of all registered domains that match with the same trademarks
at least 2 trademarks fall on one domain
75 985

domains registered in .RU and .РФ zones match the same trademarks

175 700

Russian trademarks match the same domains registered in .RU and .РФ zones

98,8% indicator of the vulnerable status of domain holders
75% of those domains that match the same trademarks are in the risk zone

Among many matching trademarks and domains, trademark holder and domain administrator

75% don't match
25% match
Out of all trademarks registered in Russia
44% match the same domain names in zones .RU and .РФ
Russia is the 13th in the world
by the number of registered trademarks
400 717 November 2017 valid
633 974 among the ones registered
according to the national procedure
all existing
56% — market volume indicator
for cybersquatters

225,000 valid trademarks have no matches
among domain names

annually +8,31%
Domain disputes

Russians normally argue about domains in .RU and .РФ zones

th place among the countries of defendants’ origin under the UDRP procedure (2016)
49 UDRP cases in 2016
involved defendants from Russia
For .RU and .РФ zones in 2014-2016 ~60-90
annual domain disputes

Simplified procedures do not apply to domain dispute resolution (under UDRP or URS) for the Russian national .RU and .РФ domain zones

Business without domain

company websites are administered by individuals


of all domain owners are individuals


of all domain administrators are legal entities

45,9% of all Russian businesses own a website
84% of all domain owners are individuals
At least 40%

of company domain administrators are individuals

Domain portfolios in .RU and .РФ zones
own portfolios of up to 1000 domain names
of which
own portfolios of up to 50 domain names
The biggest domain portfolio owned by an individual has
62 323
domain names in it
16% of all domain administrators
in .RU and .РФ zones are legal entities
290 293

the largest number of domain names
owned by a legal entity

The second largest portfolio administered by a legal entity consists of 10 045 domains

which constitutes 5% of all registered domain names in .RU and .РФ zones

5% of all domain names in .RU and .РФ zones are owned by the company called

Private person

This is the actual business name of the company that owns the largest portfolio of domains registered in .RU and .РФ zones

Don’t mix it up with an individual :)


of domain administrators that are legal entities are:

  • 2 1ГБ.РУ
The largest domain
portfolios in Russia
74% of trademarks
are concentrated in portfolios of those right holders that own no more than 10 trademarks
TOP 3 owners of the valid trademarks includes:
Unilever 1157 trademarks
Philip Morris 908 trademarks
Novartis 833 trademarks
The second largest trademark portfolio in Russia
is consolidated between three connected legal entities
1029 valid trademarks
  • Association of business cooperation of Afghanistan War veterans («MIR»)
  • New Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Trade house «MIR-2000»
Owners of large trademark portfolios
have a more active legal position than professional domain market players (data from 2010–2017)
57 number of litigations involving Association of business cooperation of Afghanistan war veterans («MIR»), New Technologies Pty Ltd, and Shopping Mall «MIR-2000»
14 number of litigations involving TOP 10 administrators of the largest domain portfolios
the report
Domain Names and trademarks in the Russian Internet Results of the analytical research of the composition and ratio of the registered trademarks on the territory of the Russian Federation and registered domain names in top-level domains .RU and .РФ
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