Trademark registration costs calculator How much does it cost to register a trademark:

How much does it cost to register a trademark?
Trademark registration at the Russian Patent Office
irrelevant of the trade mark's type
Application preparation and filing ₽ 12,490
Application preparation, filing, and online document management: ₽ 22,480
Preliminary check for similarity with other trademarks
is necessary if the trademark has just been created
We’ve been on the market for a while, no need to do the check ₽ 0
Any check is: ₽ 19,990
Not sure how many of the Nice Classification classes you need?
normally it would take 2-3 classes
It will cost:
Services ₽ 22,480
Fees ₽ 10,500
1-2 business days
No need to pay us a visit
Total cost ₽ 32,980
Fee upon the issue in a year + ₽ 12,600
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