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Digital ecosystem for corporate intellectual property protection and management

  • Multiuser access
  • Direct sync with the Russian Patent Office
  • Multifaceted support from our patent attorneys

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All processes are put in one place:

Almost half of the largest Russian companies face a number of problems related
to their IP identification.

We help with IP collection and classification thus creating a single multiuser ecosystem for all business units.

Russian Patent Office receive over 200 000 applications related to different types of IP annually.

With us, the whole application process turns digital. This provides all business units with direct access to information about the stages an application of interest is going through.

Currently, there are over 600 000 trademarks and 300 000 patents that are valid in Russia.

We directly sync your portfolio with the Russian Patent Office databases, and make sure you can renew your trademarks and maintain patents in just one click of a button.

The way it works:

1. Identification and classification of all IP assets:

Data collection and systematisation

We help with identifying unregistered IP assets

Portfolio consolidation

We also tie all existing IP with real projects of your company

2. Filing of applications for registration of different types of IP:

Online prep and filing of applications

We make sure that the application process is totally digitalised

Electronic paperwork

All communication with the Russian Patent Office is accessible online: nice and easy

3. IP portfolio management:

All trademarks and patents are accessible online

Smart import of the company’s registered IP from the Russian Patent Office databases, online trademark renewals and patent maintenance

4. IP data search and analytics:

Online search in the Russian Patent Office databases

A tool for quick search for patents and trademarks in the Russian Patent Office databases

Third party activity monitoring

Access to market trends and intellectual property of the third parties


1 user

Smart import of up to 100 existing patents and trademarks

No access to the monitoring tool and the project module that allows for putting unregistered assets in one place

USD $0

Multiuser access

No limit on the number of patents and trademarks in the portfolio

Access to the monitoring tool and the project module that allows for putting unregistered assets in one place

USD 1500$/year

Already with us:

What you will get:

A single ecosystem for IP protection and management to be used by all business units of your company

Fully updated IP portfolio

Up-to-date data on your company’s IP available to all business units

Protection of investment in the nonmaterial assets

All information about company’s IP is put in one place — nothing will get lost

Minimisation of IP related risks

Decisions to launch new brands and technical projects can be made quickly while risks and uncertainty are kept in check

Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve only got 1 trademark, do we need Online Patent, really?

Definitely, yes. Normally, when a company has very little IP to manage, what happens is important renewal dates get missed and information — lost. Online Patent will help you keep your finger on the pulse totally for free — 1 user access is ideal for this case scenario. To get started, just register on our website by hitting the 'Log in' button in the upper right corner.

We don’t own any IP yet, but would like to file an application. Can you help with that?

For sure. You can fill out an application right now — just register on out website by hitting the 'Log in' button in the upper right corner, create an application for the desired type of IP, and tell us a little about it. Don’t worry — the application will not go straight to the Russian Patent Office. Our patent attorneys will be sure to get in touch and talk you through the process.

We’ve got over 500 trademarks. Does this mean we’ll have to put all the information in the system manually?

Not at all. All the data will be imported automatically since the Online Patent system is directly synced with the Russian Patent Office databases. You’ll also be able to check if all the data in your company’s own registers is complete once we’ve done the import. Our experience shows that several «forgotten» trademarks or patents can be found in the RPO databases through the import.

We need 30 users to have access to the system. Is that possible?

Sure — we’ve got a multiuser access mode for this. All business units — be that marketing, legal, PR or accounting — can get an access to the system. You can order a demo so that we can show the way it works.

We don’t really know yet how to work with intellectual property. Can you explain?

Certainly. One of the main tasks of the Online Patent system implementation is structuring the processes related to your company’s intellectual property rights. We help businesses achieve manageability and transparency in the protection of their intangible assets. For this, we do specific implementation projects tailored to the needs of the customer.

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