Project Director
Russian Trademark Attorney №2279
Ksenia Danilenko

Ksenia is a registered Russian patent attorney specializing in Trademark
Ksenia has a Master’s degree in “Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law”, and over 5 years’ specialized work experience.
Her main professional activity is related to the development of plans (strategies) for ensuring legal protection of the applicant’s RIA (results of intellectual activity), including:
● identification of potentially protectable Results of Intellectual Activity (RIA), including those performed on the basis of the analysis of the applicant’s scientific and technical documentation
● identification of subjects of rights to the discovered RIA that was carried out based on the legal analysis of primary title documents (if required),
● analysis of the applicable forms of legal protection for RIA with an account of the peculiarities of the procedure for registering rights to RIA and the possible time periods for providing legal protection; as well as the availability of alternative methods of protection and the degree of protection ensured by each of them, including the ability to terminate violations of exclusive rights
● substantiation of the best options of legal protection for the identified RIA and creation of tasks for the preparation of applications for the grant of patents for these RIA capable of their legal protection – such as inventions, utility models, industrial designs; and also creation of tasks for the registration of means of individualization (trademarks and places of origin).
Ksenia’s key area of expertise is supporting complex projects of legal protection of technical solutions resulted from software development.


Everything in life is no more than just a matter of choice: there are no such things as merits, arrangements or unattainable heights.

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Ksenia Danilenko
Project Director
Russian Trademark Attorney №2279
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Work experience: Since 2014 Tertiary education: LL.B. & LL.M. Law (National Research University Higher School of Economics) Position: Project Director
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