Russian Trademark Attorney №1512
Tatiana Tatarinova

Tatiana is a registered Russian patent attorney specializing in Trademarks, and has over 10 years’ experience in senior management positions at the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (Russian Patent Office).
Key areas of her expertise include:
● registration of trademarks and appellations of origin in the Russian Federation,
● international registration of trademarks, including registration under both state procedures and Madrid Protocol,
● legal assessment and preparation of contracts (such as license, commercial concession, assignment ones), and their registration at the Russian Patent Office

Tatiana is a highly qualified expert in the field of assessing the eligibility of designations claimed to be registered as trademarks.


Will is a determination combined with the right judgment.


Tatiana Tatarinova
Russian Trademark Attorney №1512
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Work experience: Since 2000 Tertiary education: Specialist in Engineering (The National University of Science and Technology) Position: Head of Trademark Practice
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