Lead Front Office Specialist
Yulia Zhivotovskaya

Yulia is engaged in the initial consultation with the applicants on the protection of intellectual property in both Russia and abroad, which includes the following:

• identification of potentially protectable results of intellectual activity (RIA) carried out on the basis of the analysis of the applicant's scientific, technical and marketing documentation, as well as the results of meetings with subject-matter experts
• assessment of the distinctiveness of signs to be registered as trademarks, identification of obstacles to obtaining legal protection;
• support of accelerated registration of trademarks in Russia.
• support of international registration of trademarks under both the Madrid system and national procedures;
• support of the protection of the rights for software and databases.
• support of the registration of Right Assignment agreements.
• patenting of inventions, utility models, and industrial designs.


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Yulia Zhivotovskaya
Lead Front Office Specialist
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Work experience: Since 2019 Tertiary education: Innovation. Additive technologies. Moscow Polytechnic University Position: Lead Front Office Specialist
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