Class 30

Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee; flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, pastry and confectionery, ices; honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauces (condiments); spices; ice.

List of goods or services included in the class:

vanilla flavorings for culinary purposes; flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes; flavorings, other than essential oils, for beverages; coffee flavorings; food flavorings, other than essential oils; star aniseed; baozi [stuffed buns]; cereal bars; high-protein cereal bars; pancakes; noodle-based prepared meals; lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being pasta; lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being rice; buns; bread rolls; edible rice paper; edible paper; burritos; vanillin [vanilla substitute]; vareniki [stuffed dumplings]; waffles; vermicelli [noodles]; natural sweeteners; sausage binding materials; binding agents for ice cream; sea water for cooking; seaweed [condiment]; malt biscuits; cloves [spice]; mirror icing [mirror glaze]; cake frosting [icing]; glucose for culinary purposes; mustard; gluten additives for culinary purposes; yeast*; thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; leaven; rice-based snack food; cereal-based snack food; artificial coffee; vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes; dressings for salad; fruit jellies [confectionery]; candy decorations for cakes; confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; cakes; pastries; peanut confectionery; almond confectionery; pasta; ginger [spice]; frozen yoghurt [confectionery ices]; cocoa; cream of tartar for culinary purposes; capers; caramels [candy]; curry [spice]; ketchup [sauce]; gimbap [Korean rice dish]; quiches; gluten prepared as foodstuff; flour-based dumplings; sweetmeats [candy]; liquorice [confectionery]; peppermint sweets; dulce de leche; cinnamon [spice]; coffee; unroasted coffee; starch for food; crackers; custard; hominy grits; semolina; oatmeal; crushed barley; groats for human food; ice cubes; maize, milled; maize, roasted; meat pies; turmeric*; couscous [semolina]; ribbon vermicelli; ice for refreshment; ice, natural or artificial; edible ices; candy*; rice cakes; mayonnaise; macaroons [pastry]; macaroni; maltose; hominy; piccalilli; marinades; marzipan; honey; miso [condiment]; royal jelly*; ice cream; bean meal; tapioca flour*; potato flour*; maize meal; nut flours; meal*; wheat flour; soya flour; barley meal; dessert mousses [confectionery]; chocolate mousses; muesli; mint for confectionery; cocoa beverages with milk; coffee beverages with milk; coffee-based beverages; cocoa-based beverages; chamomile-based beverages; tea-based beverages; chocolate beverages with milk; chocolate-based beverages; infusions, not medicinal; crushed oats; husked oats; okonomiyaki [Japanese savory pancakes]; onigiri [rice balls]; nutmegs; chocolate-coated nuts; stick liquorice [confectionery]; pastilles [confectionery]; molasses for food; pâtés en croûte; pelmeni [dumplings stuffed with meat]; pepper; allspice; peppers [seasonings]; pesto [sauce]; cookies; petit-beurre biscuits; bibimbap [rice mixed with vegetables and beef]; pies; pizzas; meat gravies; fondants [confectionery]; popcorn; powders for making ice cream; baking powder; mustard meal; pralines; aromatic preparations for food; condiments; meat tenderizers for household purposes; cereal preparations; oat-based food; bee glue*; gingerbread; spices; petits fours [cakes]; rice pudding; puddings; cake powder; fruit coulis [sauces]; ravioli; ramen [Japanese noodle-based dish]; chewing gum*; relish [condiment]; rice; instant rice; wheat germ for human consumption; spring rolls; sago; palm sugar; sugar*; sesame seeds [seasonings]; flaxseed for culinary purposes [seasoning]; processed seeds for use as a seasoning; aniseed; agave syrup [natural sweetener]; golden syrup; sugar confectionery; batter mixes for okonomiyaki [Japanese savory pancakes]; bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes [baking soda]; malt for human consumption; salt for preserving foodstuffs; cooking salt; celery salt; sorbets [ices]; ham glaze; soya sauce; tomato sauce; sauces [condiments]; pasta sauce; spaghetti; seasonings; chocolate-based spreads; chocolate spreads containing nuts; preparations for stiffening whipped cream; rusks; breadcrumbs; sushi; sandwiches; tabbouleh; tacos; tapioca; tarts; dough; pastry dough; almond paste; rice pulp for culinary purposes; cake dough; tortillas; garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]; chocolate decorations for cakes; vinegar; beer vinegar; ferments for pastes; halvah; bread*; unleavened bread; chips [cereal products]; maize flakes; oat flakes; hot dog sandwiches; flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; jiaozi [stuffed dumplings]; chicory [coffee substitute]; tea*; iced tea; chutneys [condiments]; minced garlic [condiment]; cheeseburgers [sandwiches]; chow-chow [condiment]; saffron [seasoning]; chocolate; malt extract for food; essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils; husked barley

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