Class 39

Transport; packaging and storage of goods; travel arrangement.

List of goods or services included in the class:

air transport; motor coach rental; boat rental; garage rental; rental of vehicle roof racks; aircraft rental; parking place rental; rental of warehouses; rental of tractors; booking of seats for travel; travel reservation; transport reservation; towing; vehicle breakdown towing services; bottling services; water distribution; newspaper delivery; message delivery; parcel delivery; delivery of goods; delivery of goods by mail order; flower delivery; launching of satellites for others; traffic information; transportation information; storage information; transportation logistics; rescue operations [transport]; arranging of cruises; arranging of transportation for travel tours; armored-car transport; hauling; carting; transport and storage of trash; transporting furniture; lighterage services; ferry-boat transport; removal services; transport of travellers; guarded transport of valuables; bus transport; car transport; barge transport; boat transport; railway transport; marine transport; passenger transport; river transport; ambulance transport; streetcar transport; porterage; refloating of ships; cash replenishment of automated teller machines; shipbrokerage; transport brokerage; freight brokerage; providing driving directions for travel purposes; car rental; railway truck rental; rental of diving bells; rental of diving suits; rental of motor racing cars; rental of aircraft engines; railway coach rental; rental of wheelchairs; rental of storage containers; horse rental; rental of freezers; rental of navigational systems; frozen-food locker rental; vehicle rental; rental of electric wine cellars; stevedoring; unloading cargo; electricity distribution; distribution of energy; packaging of goods; collection of recyclable goods [transport]; ice-breaking; piloting; water supplying; escorting of travellers; transport by pipeline; wrapping of goods; operating canal locks; car parking; chauffeur services; pleasure boat transport; car sharing services; courier services [messages or merchandise]; salvaging; salvage of ships; gift wrapping; underwater salvage; taxi transport; transport; transport services for sightseeing tours; franking of mail; freight [shipping of goods]; freighting; physical storage of electronically stored data or documents; boat storage; storage of goods; warehousing; freight forwarding

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