Class 40

Treatment of materials.

List of goods or services included in the class:

paper finishing; applying finishes to textiles; upcycling [waste recycling]; vulcanization [material treatment]; skin dressing; fruit crushing; embroidering; galvanization; electroplating; engraving; decontamination of hazardous materials; air deodorising; stripping finishes; tanning; metal tempering; freezing of foods; gilding; gold plating; material treatment information; cadmium plating; permanent-press treatment of fabrics; food and drink preservation; food smoking; leather staining; fur dyeing; shoe staining; textile dyeing; cloth dyeing; laminating; lithographic printing; metal casting; fur glossing; tin plating; boilermaking; taxidermy; magnetization; nickel plating; abrasion; paper treating; water treating; woodworking; processing of cinematographic films; leather working; cloth edging; metal treating; fur conditioning; fur mothproofing; waste treatment [transformation]; textile mothproofing; fabric waterproofing; crease-resistant treatment for clothing; textile fireproofing; cloth treating; wool treating; framing of works of art; window tinting treatment, being surface coating; air freshening; fabric bleaching; air purification; soldering; clothing alteration; recycling of waste and trash; processing of oil; pattern printing; photographic printing; offset printing; metal plating; printing; burnishing by abrasion; flour milling; dressmaking; rental of boilers; knitting machine rental; rental of generators; rental of air-conditioning apparatus; rental of space heating apparatus; photographic film development; firing pottery; blacksmithing; custom assembling of materials for others; bookbinding; welding services; glass-blowing; saddlery working; grinding; cloth cutting; sawing of materials; refining services; timber felling and processing; fur satining; silver plating; incineration of waste and trash; laser scribing; warping [looms]; sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]; photocomposing services; quilting; planing of materials; fulling of cloth; tinting of car windows; slaughtering of animals; destruction of waste and trash; cloth pre-shrinking; services of a dental technician; cryopreservation services; key cutting; dyeing services; sandblasting services; production of energy; custom tailoring; custom fashioning of fur; photogravure; millworking; chromium plating; colour separation services; silkscreen printing; optical glass grinding

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