Class 43

Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation.

List of goods or services included in the class:

accommodation bureau services [hotels, boarding houses]; rental of temporary accommodation; rental of meeting rooms; tourist home services; hotel reservations; boarding house bookings; temporary accommodation reservations; hotel services; retirement home services; snack-bar services; café services; cafeteria services; motel services; boarding house services; boarding for animals; rental of cooking apparatus; rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; rental of lighting apparatus*; rental of tents; rental of transportable buildings*; rental of drinking water dispensers; restaurant services; self-service restaurant services; reception services for temporary accommodation [management of arrivals and departures]; food sculpting; canteen services; holiday camp services [lodging]; bar services; providing campground facilities; food and drink catering; washoku restaurant services; day-nursery [crèche] services

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