Class 44

Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services.

List of goods or services included in the class:

public bath services for hygiene purposes; Turkish bath services; hospital services; depilatory waxing; reforestation services; rehabilitation for substance abuse patients; landscape design; health center services; nursing home services; wreath making; hair implantation; medical advice for individuals with disabilities; pharmacy advice; aromatherapy services; speech therapy; manicuring; chiropractic; massage; horticulture; orthodontic services; artificial insemination services; palliative care; hairdressing; body piercing; midwife services; veterinary assistance; dentistry services; medical assistance; tree planting for carbon offsetting purposes; preparation of prescriptions by pharmacists; medical equipment rental; rental of sanitary installations; farming equipment rental; aerial and surface spreading of fertilisers and other agricultural chemicals; animal breeding; gardening; landscape gardening; beauty salon services; sanatorium services; blood bank services; health care; health counseling; flower arranging; tattooing; vermin exterminating for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry; weed killing; health spa services; human tissue bank services; aquaculture services; visagists' services; convalescent home services; rest home services; medical clinic services; alternative medicine services; opticians' services; plant nursery services; pest control services for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry; in vitro fertilisation services; services of a psychologist; sauna services; solarium services; telemedicine services; therapy services; nursing, medical; lawn care; animal grooming; pet grooming; physical therapy; plastic surgery; tree surgery; hospice services

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