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I was very satisfied with experience provided by Online Patent regarding both the quality of their services and customer care management. It was the first time my company had to deal with an IP matter, and it turned out to be quite successful.

Aleksey Ozimkov CEO

What I'd especially like to point out is that the technical side of service provision is significantly high: you get to have a personal account on their website, track the application as it moves along the implementation phases, and receive email notifications about important milestones.

Aleksey Ozimkov CEO

Again – customer care is at a very decent level as well, we were able to sort out all the issues along the way.

Aleksey Ozimkov CEO

As for the scope of work, we needed to test the waters first to then be able to stat transferring the rights to the registered trademark to our partners and contractors. All's been going well thus far!

Aleksey Ozimkov CEO
Спасибо! Мы перезвоним вам в ближайшее время!