Russia's largest bookstore chain
Moscow Bookstore

Government-owned bookselling company in Russia with the flagman store called "Moscow Bookstore on the New Arbat avenue", the largest bookstore in the country. As of today, the company owns 24 bookstores, and also functions as a socio-cultural center promoting the importance of reading.


Online Patent has established itself as a reliable business partner that can solve any problem in the IP field. The working process literally started "boiling" on day one – the company's employees clearly knew what they had to do from the get go.

A.A. Redko Head of the legal department

As a result, instead of spending several long years trying to get any sort of feedback from the Russian Patent Office on our application, our trademark was registered just 12 months after we kicked off the process with Online Patent.

A.A. Redko Head of the legal department
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